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Sleep No More

Subject: Methought I heard a voice cry “Sleep no more”!
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011

An obvious MUST for the adventurous. It was so pitch black when we first entered, I thought I would be really freaked out the whole time. However, that first maze-like entrance is the darkest part…it remains, for the most part, dimly-lit after that. Your first stop is the swanky, 30’s style, “Rebecca”-inspired bar area—-and you automatically feel like you are in a Kubrick film. Think “Eyes Wide Shut” mixed with “The Shining”. Drinks are 11 bucks and it’s cash only. We had one quick drink, donned our white masks(after about 15 minutes your face will be sweating for the duration)and dove in. Wow…where to begin. Rooms are elaborate and the set design is intricate and incredible. Good portion of your music is Bernard Hermann(“Vertigo”, “Psycho”), but there are bluesy, jazzy selections on certain floors. There is a misty forest of trees on one floor(Birnham Wood, of course). A graveyard full of fog, statues and stones on another. There’s an old-English sweet shop(take some candy, your mouth will be dry from the mask). There is an entire fog-drenched street that seems straight out of a Jack the Ripper movie. Besides the Shakespeare there is also a 30’s/40’s noir feel throughout, as well. Performers act out an athletic ballet near a bar and old-style phone booths. The ballroom is amazing and on the floor above it there is a balcony overseeing it with at least one “private” box. You won’t want to miss the grand finale banquet here(which for us was at 2 am), as Macbeth gets his comeuppance and puts a definitive climax on the “show”. A striking Asian actress lightly caressed my face(you can’t talk or touch back). A bald witch gestured for my hand at the first banquet(which is done in a freaky slomo style)and had me lead her up a flight of stairs. Banquo’s ghost stalks the table as another performer braces himself on my back. In a different room(designed like a detective’s office)at a desk, a performer was rifling through drawers—-he eventually thrust a knife at me(quick jump-scare…very cool). Lady Macbeth was fascinating(and gorgeous)…I followed her a lot(there are times when the “audience” is chasing performers through rooms and up and down flights of stairs(a full workout after three hours…wear sneakers). A barely-clothed Lady M writhed on a bed trying to clean her hands, climbed on furniture and eventually changed into a gown(there is full nudity…later I watched her give Macbeth a bath). I got “blood” on me as Macbeth slaughtered King Duncan. My buddy Mike had a unique head-to-head with the King earlier with Duncan whispering into Mike’s ear. It’s mind-bending. It’s erotic(I somehow missed the ram strobelight “orgy”—-damn). Finally, I spent a solid amount of time paired with my friend…but things were even cooler when we got separated and ended up alone. I hope at least one of you gets the chance to have this experience! Get thee to Chelsea!


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