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The Art(ist) of the Golden Globes

It’s coming into focus now, Oscar night is. Still over a month away, but the 69th Golden Globes sharpen the odds. Will Best Picture go to “The Descendants” or “The Artist”? My money says the silent film, but the buzz has been known to ebb and flow leading up to the big night, so I won’t commit to a true pick until that weekend. “The Tree of Life”, “Melancholia”—yeah, right. My two favorite films of 2011 will be nowhere to be found on February 26th. I’m hoping “Midnight in Paris” will allow me some consolation nominations and now screenplay recognition seems to be a lock for Woody Allen(btw, how come “The Artist”, a throwback silent movie, keeps getting nominated for Best Screenplay awards…shouldn’t there be a Best Title Card category for this?). Best Actor: again the crystal ball says George Clooney for “The Descendants” or Jean Dujardin for “The Artist”. The tarot cards are pointing to George for this one…but we will see. Sometimes the worst thing to be is the early front-runner…take note Meryl Streep…again. Acclaimed impersonations of Anna Wintour, Julia Child and now Margaret Thatcher(for “The Iron Lady”) were all supposed to be sure things for Best Actress early on…only to be usurped by others come Academy Awards time. This year’s spoiler could be Viola Davis for “The Help”…hang on Meryl, it’s going to be a bumpy month. Speaking of sure things—will anything stop beloved 82 year old Christopher Plummer from picking up his first statuette. Answer:NO! You can check the box now. Things are looking strong for Octavia Spencer for “The Help” too, but it’s no cakewalk as long as “The Artist”‘s Berenice Bejo graces the category. Will Martin Scorsese win Best Director for “Hugo”? A DGA nomination and now a GG award certainly solidify his shot for his overrated love letter to film pioneer George Melies. This could be one of those rare seasons when the Best Pic and Director are from different films. But, again, “The Artist”‘s Michel Hazanavicius could have his name butchered again by a presenter come late February. Best Animated Film is now officially a dogfight between “Rango” and Globe-ordained “The Adventures of Tintin” from Steven Spielberg. Foreign Language winner from Iran, “A Separation”, seems to be the consensus choice for the big award—which usually means it will be upset. It ain’t certain, but check the record.


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