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Avengers Assemble…and box office records fall!

Apparently, they did not blow it. “The Avengers”, after a record first weekend domestic take of 207 million dollars, now has a worldwide gross of 833 million dollars as of this past Friday—and is poised to surpass the one billion mark as early as today. For the uninitiated, as far as box office tally goes, those are absolutely staggering numbers. At this rate, the film will almost certainly become the third biggest money-maker ever, both domestically and internationally—with only the double-hurdle of James Cameron’s “Titanic” and “Avatar” blocking its path to numero uno. And even that lofty tally is not out of the question—“The Avengers” is that BIG(interesting tidbit…the blockbuster is being called “Avengers Assemble” in Great Britain to avoid confusion with the classic 1960’s television series, “The Avengers”). So, the public adores it. How ’bout the critics? Overall, extremely positive as well. A few naysayers, as always, but most of the majors seem to be beyond enthusiastic. So, you may be wondering—why haven’t I seen it yet? It is anomalous for me to miss hitting something like this almost immediately. But, I was flying to a tropical island the day it opened for a week-long family vacation. However, despite seven days of fun-in-the-sun—I did remember to check the movie’s astounding cash grab while away. And I promise to see it and post a review in the coming days—not sure yet whether I will choose 3-D or not. Or IMAX, or not, for that matter…lots of options these days. And speaking of vacation time, I wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of those who kept reading while I was on hiatus. The blog received multiple hits each and every day, regardless of the fact that there hadn’t been a new post since May 4th—the morning of my departure. I am humbled by the support…by both regular readers and those who just happened by. Thanks to all. Besides reviewing “The Avengers” this week, expect a couple of other superhero surprises before the month of June arrives. And, at some point over the next couple of weeks, the second installment of “The Cronenberg Chronicle” with a piece on 2007’s “Eastern Promises”.


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