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Just a little morsel before I’m back at some point with a review proper. A)I need to let “The Amazing Spider-Man” gestate a bit, and B)a lot of Independence Day prep happening, so I don’t have time to give a full review at the moment. So? It’s a mixed bag. Good news—Andrew Garfield is wonderful, and perfectly cast in the role. He could make some people forget all about Tobey Maguire…no small feat. Emma Stone is another story. She acts like she’s 27, not 17, and I couldn’t buy her from the get-go. Also, the whole reboot decision is a mistake. Much better idea would have been to just recast after 2007’s movie and call this “Spider-Man 4”. Sitting through the origin story again was tedious and unnecessary…they easily could’ve shaved a half hour off this behemoth. There are some genuinely wonderful moments, but the pacing is off in the long run. The initial verdict? Not the wash-out it could have been, but a full notch or two below Marvel’s “The Avengers” or “Captain America”. Cool Stan Lee cameo, though. The rating is feeling like a C+ right now, but expect a complete write-up within a few days.


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