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Rachel Weisz nabs Best Actress win from NYFCC!!!

“Zero Dark Thirty” for Best Picture and Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director for same—certainly no shocker. “Lincoln” stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field taking Best Actor and Supporting Actress, respectively—OF COURSE for DDL, and within the wheelhouse for the Flying Nun. Matthew McConaughey for Best Supporting Actor for “Magic Mike” and “Bernie”, huh? I have been hearing his name floated lately, so now that both are on DVD—I’ll have to catch up. But HOO-RAY for Rachel Weisz winning Best Actress for Terence Davies’ “The Deep Blue Sea”!!! An unexpected and against-the-odds win if there ever was one! This past summer(right here on the blog), I rapturously praised not only Ms. Weisz brilliant acting, but the picture itself as one of the year’s finest. Opening on a limited basis in March to very high praise among some of the nation’s top critics, it vanished quickly and barely made a dent at the box office(just over a million bucks). I also commented on how it is the kind of early year release that is forgotten about come Oscar time. Well, the Academy Awards may still exhibit amnesia—but BRAVO to the New York Film Critics Circle for remembering! With the J-girls(Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook” and Jessica Chastain for “Zero Dark Thirty”)expected to be Best Actress award frontrunners this year, it was a huge thrill to learn of Rachel’s come-from-behind, upset victory. Oscar nomination or not, this is wonderful news for the gorgeous Ms. Weisz. And with the nominating committee’s short memories, we have to revel in whatever we can get!


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