Oscar Nomination Hopes…and a 1st Anniversary!!!

It has been one year since I wrote and published my first post on the blog. This is officially the 152nd entry. My story about the upcoming 3rd Hawke/Delpy/Linklater feature in the “Before” series, has been my most frequently visited entry with well over 100 hits. It pleases me a great deal to witness that I am not alone in excitedly awaiting the latest romantic adventures of Jesse and Celine. My “Cronenberg Chronicle” series is at the halfway point with 9 of David Cronenberg’s 18 film canon covered. It’s been a labor of love to author the monthly series dedicated to my favorite living film director—January’s slot will be filled by 1988’s “Dead Ringers”. My very first feature from one year ago today was a skewering of the DGA for omitting Terence Malick from their nomination roster. I won’t go down that path again in 2013—although most seem to think that Tom Hooper’s slot for “Les Miserables” could’ve and should’ve been filled by more deserving talents such as, Paul Thomas Anderson for “The Master” and Wes Anderson for “Moonrise Kingdom”. You won’t get an argument from me—even though I have yet to torture myself with the film version of the stage musical derived from Victor Hugo’s novel. As anyone who reads my entries on a regular basis knows…the two films from the two unrelated Anderson boys are among my favorite of 2012. The DGA recognition of Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Ben Affleck and Ang Lee was completely expected and mostly deserved. Now, with the Oscar nominations just hours away, I’ll refrain from making official predictions. But I would like to offer a sampling of my highest hopes. First—Joaquin Phoenix gives what is probably the performance I most admire from the annual period that ended this past December 31st. It would be a crime for him to be nixed from receiving his third Oscar nomination simply because he recently publicly ridiculed the idea of awards. Take the high road Oscar, and give Phoenix his due! Also, now that I’ve witnessed the indie thriller “Compliance” for myself(feature film #54 from the previous calendar year for those who are counting—expect a full review soon!), I am openly rooting for the “dark horse” Ann Dowd to pick up a nod for Best Supporting Actress. What a story it would be to see a mostly unknown actress swipe the slot from a more established star! And I’ve pretty much excepted that “The Master” is way too avant-garde for most Academy voters, but I’m holding out hope for a Best Picture nom for the delightful “Moonrise Kingdom”. A screenplay mention is almost a lock, but the picture recognition would be sweet. And please let us put a stop to all of this Peter Jackson three-film “The Hobbit” nonsense by keeping the nominations to the barest minimum. It would be a travesty to have to hear that title included among the mix of much more deserving challengers for the top prize. That’s it for now…the contenders will be read in just about three hours. And thanks for reading reviewedbymarkleonard for one full year!


2 comments on “Oscar Nomination Hopes…and a 1st Anniversary!!!

  1. Congratulations! We look forward to another year (and many more!) of great reviews and commentary!

    • Thank you, Brian. You’ve been my biggest supporter and most frequent contributor—I appreciate ALL of your comments(even when we fervently disagree!). Also, was pleased to have about half my Oscar nom wishes come true. YAY, for Phoenix getting recognized and for “The Hobbit” being relegated to tech awards. BOO, to ignoring Ann Dowd and then the paltry single nomination for “Moonrise Kingdom”. Lots of other surprises too. I guess “Lincoln” is the clear front runner now. ML

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