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“Argo”…go f**k yourself!!!

I can sense it ratcheting up, and it’s already aggravating the hell out of me. The chorus is ever-growing, and expect that rate to rise exponentially after its Golden Globe wins last night. By Oscar time, it will probably be an avalanche of near-universal support. But I’m sick of hearing it already. Enough! So, I’m just going to say it. Do you want to know why Ben Affleck didn’t receive a Best Director Academy Award nomination? Because he didn’t deserve one. Simple as that. I liked “Argo”. “The Town” was also a skillfully helmed film, as was “Gone Baby Gone”—Affleck’s debut behind the camera. But folks are starting to fall all over themselves because he didn’t receive a vote from Oscar this season. Robbed! Injustice! Criminal! I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, and Ben seems to be inviting this attention. But I say give me a freaking break. We are supposed to feel sorry for Mr. Affleck? Get over yourself, Ben. For one thing, he already has an Oscar!!! He received that in 1998, at the tender age of 25, for co-writing the screenplay for 1997’s “Good Will Hunting” with his buddy Matt Damon. And that one was also undeserved! Are you going to try to sell me that that award should not have gone to the multi-layered, character heavy script written by Paul Thomas Anderson for “Boogie Nights”? Please. In fact, speaking of Anderson, the outcry should be that he didn’t get multiple nominations this year for writing and directing “The Master”. Oh, but that film is way too arty and avant-garde for most audiences. Yeah, let’s just keep dumbing it down, folks. If Affleck is such a talented filmmaker, how come he chose to rely on so much baloney for the end of the film? I won’t give any details away, but the last half hour of “Argo” is full of shit. It felt that way when I watched it, and it was proven to be when I googled the facts afterwards. “But he was just creating dramatic tension”, I’ve heard. Nonsense. The actual story isn’t compelling enough? Why film it then? “He didn’t write this screenplay”, others are sure to say. True. But he’s the director, he’s in charge, and just about everything contained in the final product falls at his feet. That’s how it works. You know what else this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Director have in common besides being in the running for the award? They are mostly far more accomplished than Mr. Affleck. Do I really need to list the resumes of Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg and Michael Hanake? You can look that up yourself. Benh Zeitlen has made an astonishing debut with “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, a film that will be among my year-end best. And even though I haven’t been the biggest fan of the recent work of David O. Russell, I was a huge supporter during his infancy when he was churning out great work like 1994’s “Spanking the Monkey” and 1999’s “Three Kings”. Do you want to read a group of directors—far more talented than Ben—that never took the big prize home? Alfred Hitchcock. David Lynch. Terrence Malick. Spike Lee. Robert Altman. Stanley Kubrick. ORSON WELLES! So, cry me a river for poor Mr. Affleck. The attention he’s getting for this supposed snub is getting downright embarrassing. Ben Affleck is only 40 years old. He is married to a gorgeous movie star in Jennifer Garner. He had high-profile past relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. He has an Oscar for screenwriting. His net worth reportedly is approaching something in the neighborhood of 100 million dollars. His film “Argo” is up for Best Picture and has made over 100 million dollars at the U.S. box office. It has just won the Golden Globe for Best Picture(Drama). He has also been nominated for the prestigious DGA award for his work on “Argo”. But this year he was not nominated for the Academy Award. Well, boo-fucking-hoo.      


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