Coming soon…Oscar predictions for 2013!!!

We have arrived! The final weekend of the movie season! Rest assured, I have been putting in my customary hours of research in trying to bring you the best Academy Awards forecast possible. And don’t forget, the annual Independent Spirit Awards are broadcast the day before Oscar. No predictions will be published for the Spirits, but I’ve watched all the Best Feature nominees for that too(I’ve yet to review the freshly watched “Keep the Lights On”…I’ll clue you in though that I’m leaning towards a B+ grade for that one). Maybe “Moonrise Kingdom” gets the big prize after Oscar ignored it? That would be nice. Lots of razor-close races for the top awards this year…it’s been a very difficult selection process. I expect to post sometime in the next 48 hours. A reminder that I went 8 for 9 in the categories predicted a year ago. Considering making an even dozen picks this time ’round. Maybe a baker’s dozen. Stay tuned!


2 comments on “Coming soon…Oscar predictions for 2013!!!

  1. Go big or go home! Do all 24!!!

  2. A good friend of mine once worked for a big entertainment law firm in NYC for a number of years. The firm picked ALL of the awards for their Oscar pool. I scored wins for my pal in 2 out of 4 seasons. So, privately Rob, I have picked all 24. But for public forums, whether it be print or broadcast media over the last 27 years, I’ve pretty much stuck to the top categories—with an occasional bonus or two thrown in for fun. I’ve usually seen EVERYTHING in those races by the big night(except for a scattered few). In other words, these predictions are based not only on research—but actually experience. Kind of useless for me to prognosticate about the shorts nominees when I’ve missed most of them. Also, I’m a film junkie. And a former actor. But I hardly consider myself an expert on make-up or costume or sound effects editing. Just keepin’ it real! However, thanks for taking the time to comment! ML

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