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Oscar Predictions for 2013…the aftermath

Wow. What a comeback, huh? For those who were following from home, I have to confess that I was more than a bit nervous when I started out the evening going 0 for 2 practically right out of the box(Supporting Actor & Animated Feature). But I sat tight, kept my fingers crossed—and banged out TEN STRAIGHT! That’s right, a somewhat shaky start, ended up being a big TEN to TWO victory when all was said and done. That score, btw, was good enough for a tie with EW magazine and the renowned Anne Thompson on Hollywood—plus I beat the pants off of Roger Ebert and the New York Times Carpetbagger(for the record, all five of us got Supporting Actor wrong, plus Thompson was the only one to pick “Brave” correctly, but she was wrong on original screenplay—choosing “ZD30”). Note to self on my 2 incorrect choices: when you love an actor’s performance as much as you enjoyed Christoph Waltz’s in “Django Unchained”, plus said actor manages to win both the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards…don’t bet against him, dummy! Also, always remember, and never forget, that whenever the Academy has the opportunity to play things incredibly safe(ohhh, like choosing “Brave”—the weakest animated feature in the category—over edgier stuff like “Wreck-It Ralph”…Oscar will almost always go safe. Of course, it’s easy to Monday-morning quarterback. Actually, I’m tickled pink with my finally tally. 10 out of 12 this year and 8 for 9 last year…it’s a pretty good record for the blog! The show itself? I knew that Seth MacFarlane is a hero to 30 to 50-year-old white guys, because I work with a bunch of them. Now my opinion is more solid. Sometimes funny, often sexist—no class. His brief “Sound of Music” bit was a winner. His John Wilkes Booth joke was a groaner. Expected overkill on jokes about women’s appearance and attitudes. And his jab at Adele’s weight was completely out-of-line. Totally uncalled for. Maybe you have to be from the New York area to have gotten his Rex Reed/Adele line…but trust me, it was a fat joke. MacFarlane is an ass. I doubt he’ll be asked back(do they really think most middle-aged white men are watching the Oscars…I realize I’m an anomaly). Things I’m ecstatic about? Even though “Argo”(as predicted)garnered the Best Picture trophy, “Life of Pi” still trumped it in awards count 4 to 3(“Les Miz” also scored a hat trick, btw)! Also, that the unfairly overlooked “Anna Karenina” managed to win something(Best Costume Design). Oh…how about Jennifer Lawrence saying “happy birthday” to the turning 86 Emmanuelle Riva. That was cool. Shirley Bassey performed “Goldfinger”! And I was just about dead-on about “Zero Dark Thirty” getting shutout on Sunday night. Considering it’s tie with “Skyfall” for Best Sound Editing—I’m going to call that only half an award. So, the end of the season has arrived! Congratulations to all the big winners. Of course, we still need a solid half hour trimmed from this yearly behemoth. And a better host would be nice too. Meanwhile, you can count on a new Cronenberg Chronicle entry in the next few days. And also some overdue theatre stuff is on the way too. Marching forward towards spring!


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