“Before Midnight” trailer!!!

Spring is here, and love is in the air! And what better way to celebrate that amour than with the release of the official movie trailer for Richard Linklater’s long-awaited, upcoming, can’t believe it’s finally almost here, “Before Midnight”! Continuing with the arbitrarily imposed nine-year cycle between features(although the characters of Jesse and Celine did appear together in one scene via an animation rotoscoping technique in Mr. Linklater’s 2001 film, “Waking Life”), “Before Midnight” now finds our 40ish couple(as for the actors themselves, btw, Ethan Hawke was 41 when principal photography ended last year, and Julie Delpy was 42)apparently married, with children of their own(Jesse, as the initiated know, has a son from his previous marriage). Can there be any weight given to the fact that director Linklater, age 51 during filming of the latest in the now trilogy, is roughly the same amount of years the elder to his stars as the distance between each film of the cycle? I think that there is and that there should be. He seems to be at the perfect nostalgic, calendar distance to recall and reminisce about just how he would have felt as a thinking, loving, flawed human being just under a decade prior. It’s just one part of the reason that the films have been so damn good, so far. And word out of Sundance is that “Before Midnight” is just as superb as 1995’s “Before Sunrise” and 2004’s “Before Sunset” were before it. That is wonderful news, because my consistently nagging fear each time one of these installments is coming up is that the latest will not “measure up”. Robert Redford’s renowned festival has helped to quell some of that anxiety. And isn’t it remarkable, in an age where movies released in the coming season aren’t considered to be true blockbusters unless their worldwide take approaches a billion dollars, that there is still a healthy market for this type of film? Answering my own question, I suppose there are two ways of looking at that. I’m obviously pleased that this series has a following, but the reality is that we’re not exactly talking big box office here. In fact, the first film’s total gross in 1995 couldn’t even get to get to 6 million bucks. The nine-years-later sequel pulled in a comparatively whopping 16 million across-the-globe. But that’s okay. I’m sure most of us fans don’t give a damn whether the vast public embraces them, or not. We’re tickled pink to be part of the cultish clique that pine for the further adventures of Celine and Jesse. So, when everyone else is lining up this coming Memorial Day weekend for “Fast & Furious 6” & “The Hangover Part III”, our select cabal will be searching for a theater featuring “Before 3”. And this writer can barely stand the wait.


2 comments on ““Before Midnight” trailer!!!

  1. Looking forward to it as well. And why not keep the cycle going as they age? There’s no reason we can’t check in on Celine and Jesse every 10 years or so. It’s been magical so far1

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