David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” gets the green light!!!

It’s not easy being a Cronenberg lover, so it must be far from simple being David Cronenberg himself. The now septuagenarian filmmaker(he turned 70 last month)has been struggling to cast and finance his latest project for months—what else is new. It must be wonderful to be Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese—or even Michael Bay—and get your work instantly green lit, produced and distributed. It doesn’t work that way for the once-dubbed “Dave Deprave”. Almost 4 years passed between 1999’s “eXistenZ” and 2002’s “Spider”. After that it was another three until 2005’s “A History of Violence”. And then slightly over four is the lengthy gap between 2007’s “Eastern Promises” and 2011’s “A Dangerous Method”. But lately we’ve been catching a bit of a break. Just nine months elapsed from the U.S. release of his Freud/Jung/Spielrein study until 2012’s brilliant economic collapse allegory, “Cosmopolis”. And now it seems that after a recent re-casting(so disappointed upon hearing that Academy Award-winning Rachel Weisz had dropped out of the proposed film), and a series of delays—that “Maps to the Stars” is officially a go! And the cast is a superb one! Returning to Cronenberg country after gaining mucho respect for shunning the “Twilight” crowd to star in David’s stunning “Cosmopolis” is young heart-throb, Robert Pattinson. Also announced, and making her 3rd straight go-round in a Cronenberg film is the delicious Canadian beauty, Sarah Gadon(she was Emma Jung in “A Dangerous Method” and icy Elise Shifrin in “Cosmopolis”). And then the news gets really exciting. Two first-time visitors to a David Cronenberg film, will apparently be the remarkable John Cusack, and 4-time Oscar nominee(as well as recent Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award-winner for HBO’s “Game Change”)Ms. Julianne Moore. The film will be co-financed by Entertainment One Films along with Prospero Pictures. Production is set to begin this coming July in Toronto and Los Angeles. The film is supposed to receive formal announcement at the Cannes Film Festival next month. Fully aware that much can change between now and the as-of-yet undecided release date, but still deliriously ecstatic that it appears that this long in development work has finally been given a go. The 19th entry of The Cronenberg Chronicle will almost certainly appear soon after “Maps to the Stars” hits theaters. Hooray!!!


8 comments on “David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” gets the green light!!!

  1. Honored to be featured on a blog dedicated to the marvelous “Cosmopolis”. Readers should be certain to visit by clicking on the above link in the top comment box. It provides exhaustive material related to the 2012 film. And, of course, crossovers from that sight should check out my monthly Cronenberg Chronicle—which has covered thirteen of David’s features in a backwards chronological fashion. An analysis and review of “Scanners” is coming up within the month of May. ML

  2. And also pleased to be re-blogged on an Italian language site that is dedicated to lovers of Robert Pattinson—who undoubtedly appears to be David Cronenberg’s latest muse! You can find that by clicking the comment box just below the top one. Thank you all for the attention! ML

  3. Mr. Leonard, I today see your comment with kind words for my “blog dedicated to the marvelous “Cosmopolis” (cosmopolis-film.com) Thank you! Glad to hear of your Cronenberg Chronicle, I will look at that. Note I now have a blog dedicated to Maps To the Stars, mapstothestars-film.com & twitter @MTTSFilm_blog. If you post more on MTTS I would love you to hear of it. BuckyW

  4. Bucky, My pleasure…and continued thanks to you for the re-blog of my “Maps to the Stars” greenlight post. I’ve been a wildly enthusiastic Cronenberg lover for decades, and the Cronenberg Chronicle has been a labor of love. Pleased to hear about your “Maps to the Stars” blog…something I will definitely visit. As for your off-sight request, I will see what I can figure out—I am not the most technically adept person! ML

  5. Thanks Mark! There’s new cast members added to the Maps To The Stars production every week lately, it starts filming in a month. My post summarizing casting & characters is at top of mapstothestars-film.com now, always under menu at top of site. Best wishes, let’s keep in touch.

    • So pleased that Cronenberg has been somewhat prolific again—after that over 4-year wait between “Eastern Promises” and “A Dangerous Method”. Then it was only 9 months until “Cosmopolis”, and now less than a year later—“Maps to the Stars” is set to begin filming. Can’t wait to hear about a potential release date! ML

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