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“Iron Man 3” grosses 175 million dollars on its opening weekend…

…and now totals 680 million worldwide. After lukewarm reviews from the respected critics. Will anyone remember this movie a year from now? Last week I touted Olivier Assayas’s latest, the critically lauded “Something in the Air”, as a viable adult alternative. Both were released in North America on Friday, May 3. “Iron Man” opens at #1 and takes in 175 million in 3 days…”Something in the Air” landed dead last with a total take of 15 THOUSAND. Yes, I am aware that Downey dressed in metal arrived in over four thousand theaters, while the Assayas film launched at a whopping 3 screens. That’s part of my point. Its a portion of the problem. The drive continues towards complete cultural ignorance. I’m fine with people taking in a superhero blockbuster with summer nearly upon us. It would be gratifying, however, if folks occasionally checked out something that fired upped their grey matter. But they almost never do. We’re being marketed into stupefaction. I’ll hear buzz about “Iron Man 3” ad nauseum for days to come. While to the majority, a work like “Something in the Air” doesn’t even exist. I realize there’s no stopping it, but the more demanding audiences should know what else is out there. Word has it that “Something in the Air” will be available on VOD(Video On Demand)later this week. Consider this your inside tip.


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