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“Man of Steel” soars as Superman returns

I may not be as excited as I was before reading the consensus lukewarm responses from the U.S. critics, but I still plan on taking my 8 year-old to see “Man of Steel” at some point this week. And the weekend numbers were pretty damn good. Not “Iron Man 3”, “The Avengers”-good, but still not-too-shabby all the same. “Man of Steel” performed just enough better than 2006’s unfairly maligned “Superman Returns”, and our new Superman, Henry Cavill, is now poised to become a major, household-name level star(sorry it didn’t work out Brandon Routh!). A 2013-style, 3D, IMAX-pumped opening was just what the franchise needed, obviously, to keep things rolling. 125 million dollars is a new June record. And even though the trailers for “Man of Steel” set a darker, Nolan-esque tone for the latest adventure of our favorite Kryptonian, the public didn’t seem to mind the change as the film was graded a solid A- via CinemaScore. And although I greatly appreciated director Bryan Singer’s retro-Christopher Reeve take on the character seven years ago, “Man of Steel” helmer Zack Snyder had no choice but to “go rogue” for the new adaptation. The aforementioned tone is darker, the costume is different, Lois Lane is more mature, and Perry White is African-American. So far, it appears the gamble has worked. And you can expect my take on the results, right here on the blog, in a matter of days.


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