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Is “Kick-Ass 2” going to let me down?

Its got to, right? No Nicholas cage. No director Matthew Vaughn(he did co-produce). And, of course, we have the controversy of co-star Jim Carrey decrying its level of violence(post-filming, of course). Also, its original scheduled June opening was pushed to the mid-August wasteland. Everything is lining up for it to be a total disaster. I mean, this thing has to fail, doesn’t it? Then why am I so damn excited by its totally(can’t help it)kick-ass trailer. Is it foolish naiveté to ponder that this sequel just might work? “Hit-Girl” Chloe Grace Moretz coming back for more is probably enough reason to see it as far as I’m concerned. I declared my love for the original “Kick-Ass” last year in my very first Flashback feature. It’s not even conceivable that the follow-up could be as great. But even pretty darn good would suffice. Director Jeff Wadlow has an uphill battle, for sure. But Aaron Taylor-Johnson appears primed and ready to expand on the adventures of Dave “Kick-Ass” Lizewski. And Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character of Chris D’Amico should be chomping at the bit to avenge his father’s death with the help of alter-ego, “Red Mist”. There’s less than two weeks to wait and see if they can put all these pieces together and make “Kick-Ass 2” conquer critics and the box office alike. If they can, between this and “Elysium”, it just may turn out to be an awesome August for genre films, after all. Fingers are crossed!


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