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Hiatus Hits

Rarely do I allow a full 10 days go by without publishing new material. I believe the last time was around ten months ago, when Superstorm Sandy knocked out power on my block for about a week and a half. This latest sojourn was for a much more pleasant reason…sunning away on beautiful Block Island with my wife and two boys. And, as usual, whenever returning from time off, I have to give a big thank you and shout-out to my readers for keeping the blog active each day. In fact, an impressive milestone has been reached. As of right now, during the wee hours of Monday, August 26, 2013…I have matched last year’s total number of hits. I’m pretty excited by that, because it secures the fact that my readership continues to grow, and that people are taking the time to see what I’m up to on a regular basis. As always…humbled and appreciative. Lots of new stuff coming this week, btw, as the blockbuster season approaches its close. Expect some sort of summer synopsis, a Flashback feature, and a theatre tribute in the next few days. Thanks again for the perpetual support! And my fingers are itching, so my next published post is most likely just hours away.


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