Theatre on the way!!!

This film and theatre blog has, of late, become a film only blog. It has caused me much distress as I went through the panging withdrawals of going stage-free for a number of months. Vacations, scheduling, business trips have all contributed to the recent barren front. But fear not! I have just booked two shows over the next three weeks! Very excited to get to see the remarkable Cherry Jones and Zachary “Spock” Quinto in the upcoming Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams “The Glass Menagerie”. Ms. Jones is a marvelous stage performer who I was lucky enough to watch grace the stage on Broadway in “The Heiress” in the 1990s and the phenomenal Pulitzer-winning “Doubt” in 2005(I even got a chance to speak with Cherry Jones after the performance of “Doubt”. She was incredibly modest and gracious, as I professed my adoration of her stage work). Also, on the docket is the off-Broadway premiere of Will Power’s “Fetch Clay, Make Man” as directed by Des McAnuff. This drama focuses on the unlikely friendship of Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali(my longtime hero dating back to my days as an amateur boxer and prizefighting enthusiast)with the infamously stereotyped film actor monikered, Stepin Fetchit. Both promise to be wonderful productions—reviews to follow soon after my attendance. And thanks for your patience, theatre fans!


2 comments on “Theatre on the way!!!

  1. Looking forward to these reviews Mark! Wish I could see Glass Menagerie!

    • That one is up first, Simon—should have the review in a week, or so. Can’t claim that I didn’t think of you when posting this quick update. I used to attend up to 12-13 shows a year before raising kids—it’s so much more difficult to get to the theatre now! Always jealous of the great things you’re seeing when I check your blog. I hope “The Glass Menagerie” lives up to our expectations! ML

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