“Escape from Tomorrow” on VOD!!!

Escape From Tomorrow trailer

And the 2013 prize for audacity goes to…Randy Moore. If you haven’t heard about “Escape From Tomorrow” yet…don’t worry, you will. The balls on this writer/director! This guy is awesome. He secretly shoots a creepy film noir that “exposes” the dark underbelly of Disney World, using digital video recording cameras and iPhones—and so far has gotten away with it! Will Disney try to block it? Will Disney sue? It’s already played at Sundance in January, and was also apparently hand selected by Roger Ebert(just a short time before his death)to play at his annual film festival in Illinois back in April. Disney, infamous for being fiercely protective of its intellectual property, has yet to take legal action. Do they have a case? While I’ve read that some sort of response should be expected, it’s also been reported that outside of pursuing relatively minor offenses(like trespassing), there’s not much The Walt Disney Company can do. So, where does that leave us immeasurably excited potential viewers? Well, it leaves us with a “guerrilla” movie that’s been compared to the work of David Lynch and Roman Polanski, and has been described as being about “the terror of ubiquitous entertainment”. It’s available on VOD starting tomorrow, and will be shown at select theaters too. I’m even breaking protocol, and providing a trailer that will send you directly to YouTube, just so you can get a look at this baby. Scariest thing? I leave for my first family trip to Disney in a matter of weeks!


4 comments on ““Escape from Tomorrow” on VOD!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing – hadn’t heard anything about this. Looks amazing! So intriguing!! Looking forward to your review after you watch it..

    • It looks like a trip, doesn’t it Simon?! I’m even more enthusiastic after my favorite critic gave it a 3 and a half out of 4 star review yesterday. Review as soon as possible…and some off-Broadway theatre this weekend too! ML

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed that Disney secretly financed the film, hence the lack of legal action.

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