“Carrie”-on, Miss White!

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the original “Carrie” novel by Stephen King, and I’ve just experienced the Kimberly Peirce movie remake(a mere three hours ago). Actually, strike that word “remake”—it’s a revision. What did I think of it? Well, you are going to have to wait just a little bit for that information. I’m not being coy, it’s just going to take me some more time to process the whole thing. In the meantime, I invite you to check out my blog review of “Carrie” the musical that was revived off-Broadway in early 2012. It will give you a brief history of the multi-media chronology of this strangely compelling story. Why does it continue to grip us so? And how many folks who have seen the film and/or stage versions have even read Mr. King’s inaugural book(I haven’t, but I’ve recently downloaded it—so very soon, anyway!)? But, if you are a fan of this bloody tale of multiple revenge, I recommend you head out to view this latest version pronto. Just don’t expect the new Carrie(Chloe Grace Moretz)and momma White(Julianne Moore)to act just like Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie did all those years ago, and you should be fine. And besides—it’s almost Halloween!


2 comments on ““Carrie”-on, Miss White!

  1. Just booked a ticket for the Australian premiere season of Carrie in Sydney in November – can’t wait!
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie remake – haven’t caught that one myself yet..

  2. Very exciting, Simon! Having seen multiple versions of “Carrie” on stage AND screen, I’m trying to divorce myself from the previous incarnations before presenting a take on the latest one. It will be a task, but I will give a good shot. FYI for you: I don’t know what your travel schedule allows, but Broadway’s “The Glass Menagerie” has recently been extended six weeks until February 23rd. I await your November “Carrie” coverage! ML

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