Ralph Fiennes & co. in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

With the heat of the 2013 film season really starting to percolate, I have to confess that I recently got excited in anticipation of the arrival of 2014. Yes, David Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Star” will be released next year, but that’s not the one that currently has me all jazzed up. The March 2014 scheduled premiere that is prompting me to chomp at the bit is Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. And the official trailer has arrived! Am I alone in feeling that this looks absolutely-freaking-marvelous! I didn’t think so. Now, anyone who’s paying attention realizes that Anderson is one of my favorite directors. Not only am I an enthusiastic fan of all seven features that he’s released, so far, but 2012’s “Moonrise Kingdom” garnered the #1 spot on that year’s Top Ten list(tied with Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”, my first sharing of the top spot since starting my annual ranking back in 1986). And returning from that whimsical delight are Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Bob Balaban, as well as Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman. Also, Owen Wilson(star and co-writer of 1996’s “Bottle Rocket”, Anderson’s feature debut)is back on board. Add the superb Ralph Fiennes to the mix(in the leading role), along with Best Actor Oscar winners F. Murray Abraham and Adrien Brody, and a winning recipe seems guaranteed. But wait! We also get international star Mathieu Amalric, and the incomparable talents of Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum. And the addition of rising young superstar Saoirse Ronan seems almost too good to be true. Think I’m overreacting? Just take a peek at the above trailer and try not to smile. Go ahead, I dare ya.


2 comments on “Ralph Fiennes & co. in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

  1. Nice write up. I am so surprised to see Fiennes in this one (and more surprised to find that he is playing the lead!). He does not normally do humorous stuff like this. Looking forward to this very much.

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