Nelson 1918-2013

We lost a great man today. And there’s nothing I can express that hasn’t been said better by others in print, on stage and through film. This man will live on, of course, for centuries to come. And whether he’s played by Sidney Poitier(1997’s “Mandela and de Klerk)…or Dennis Haysbert(2007’s “The Color of Freedom” aka “Goodbye Bafana”)…or Morgan Freeman(2009’s “Invictus”)…or Idris Elba(2013’s “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”)really doesn’t matter very much. Fine actors all, none could totally recreate the majestic essence of Nelson, better than the man himself. And for that we turn to Spike Lee, who persuaded Mr. Mandela to appear in a cameo at the end of 1992’s “Malcolm X”. I’ll never forget the electricity in the theater upon the surprise of seeing the awe-inspiring leader during the film’s final scenes. Watch for yourself above. Or choose from one of the many chronicles of his fascinating and inspiring life. Nelson Mandela. Now forever free.


2 comments on “Nelson 1918-2013

  1. A wonderful tribute, Mark. Very nice work.

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