2013 Theatre in Review

Some quick notes on the five theatre pieces I managed to see in the past calendar year:

Best Play Revival…and best show I saw all year-long: the beautiful, haunting new version of Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie” on Broadway. It’s still playing, so don’t miss it.

Best Musical Revival…the wondrous new vision of Stephen Sondheim’s “Passion”, that had a limited run off-Broadway at Classic Stage Company. It was the first musical in CSC’s decades-long history, and the first revival of this work since the original Broadway run in 1994. Live it through the incredible cast recording.

Most Wonderful Surprisethe brief, but revelatory, off-Broadway run of New York Theatre Workshop’s “Fetch Clay, Make Man” from Will Power. It featured the best one-two combination seen on a Manhattan stage all year, with K. Todd Freeman as Stepin Fetchit and Ray Fisher as the great Muhammad Ali.

Biggest Disappointment…Chicago transplant “Hit the Wall”, truncated to an abbreviated run at off-Broadway’s Barrow Street Theatre after a highly praised debut in Illinois. The Stonewall chronicle should have set the stage on fire, and only managed a modest, warming blaze. Too bad.

Most Fascinating Messfrom the Theatre on Video series, Spike Lee’s “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth”: a one-man show featuring you-know-who. It ain’t completely candid, and it’s a sloppy train wreck…but the man presented, and his sordid history, is never less than fascinating.

So, that’s it. I wish there were more, but for expanded information on all five shows listed, plus a review of the “Passion” cast recording…look no further than this very blog. So long for now, and…see you on the boards in 2014!!!


2 comments on “2013 Theatre in Review

  1. I saw The Glass Menagerie in November, and it is the best show I’ve seen in my life. I agree, it is beautiful and haunting. I have a literary blog, and I love when literature takes its form on the stage. Beautiful post, love you reviews!

    • It was a wonderful production indeed. There is also a full review of it in my October archive if you care to read that. I appreciate your compliment, and I have added you to my readers list so I can see your posts as they become available. Thanks for checking in! ML

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