Respecting “Noah”

“Noah” trailer

Yeah, I know…it has the look of one of those disastrous, overblown, Hollywood biblical blockbusters. But “Noah” just may be different. Not because it stars “still close enough to A-list” Russell Crowe, but because of who its director is. “Noah” may, or may not, turn out to be a big budget flop. But the fact remains, that in Darren Aronofsky, it indeed has a major talent at the helm. Mr. Aronofsky’s last three films have been 2010’s “Black Swan”(which won an Oscar for Natalie Portman), 2008’s “The Wrestler”(which should’ve won an Oscar for Mickey Rourke), and 2006’s forgotten and underrated “The Fountain”. This isn’t Edward Zwick or Wolfgang Peterson in charge—it’s a top-notch director. So, I’m paying some big respect to “Noah” ahead of actually seeing it. And I don’t know if I’ll actually get to experience it in theaters, or not—but I’m banking that the IMAX version is really something to see. It’s poised to win this weekend’s box office. And I, for one, am pulling for it.


2 comments on “Respecting “Noah”

  1. It’s the least interesting Aronofsky, but he’s still yet to make a bad film. Worth seeing in the cinema; even if you dislike it (I didn’t like all that much), it’s an interesting experience.

  2. Thanks for the capsule review, Dave! Not certain I’ll get to it in the theaters, but pleased to hear that Aronofsky avoided making a stinker. ML

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