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Kelly Reichardt’s “Night Moves”

It sounds a bit weird to say that I’m “excited” by the prospect of a new film by minimalist director Kelly Reichardt—but I am all the same. Weird because Reichardt’s work is usually so glacially paced, that most would label her films outright tedious. Not me, however—I find them absolutely fascinating. Especially 2006’s “Old Joy” and 2011’s “Meek’s Cutoff”(2008’s “Wendy and Lucy”—not so much). Reichardt doesn’t dumb down to her audience. She crafts her work meticulously, and doesn’t spoon feed you much in the way of blatant and obvious. The approach seems to say “you figure it out”. And, so far, I’ve been a willing participant. But damn, if Reichardt’s latest doesn’t appear to be the most thrilling motion picture she’s ever wrote and directed! Trailers are deceiving, and I’m sure that it’s nowhere near as “pumped-up” as it’s made to look. But it’s now officially one of my most anticipated releases of the coming summer season. “Night Moves” stars Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard, and it hits theaters on May the 30th.


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