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I’m ba-aaack…and so apparently is “Godzilla”!

Well, I’ve lounged the last seven days on a beautiful tropical island with my family…and I’ve got the tan to prove it. That’s the reason for my hiatus, but don’t fret—I front loaded some films before I departed. However, what I want to touch on briefly today, is the new big-budget screen version of “Godzilla”. Roughly 3 weeks ago, I did a feature announcing my great anticipation for the new film, especially because it was being directed by “Monsters” helmer, Gareth Edwards. And upon my return today, I’ve noticed some mediocre to average reviews by some top critics. But my concern is minimal…and here’s why. ANYONE who truly knows me, realizes that my most trusted critic is Walter Chaw of http://www.filmfreakcentral.net. We are in sync an extremely high percentage of the time, and I reviewed his first solo book, right here on the blog, a couple of years back. Walter has an excellent eye for what’s truly good. And Mr. Chaw thinks “Godzilla” is the tops. To paraphrase his review(or you can choose to click the site and read it in full), Gareth Edwards “gets it”, the movie is “great”, and that he “can’t wait to see it again”. THAT, is more than enough for me. And I’m hoping to make “Godzilla” the very next thing I see on the big screen. In fact, the biggest screen possible. Look for the review here soon. Walter Chaw has me sold that “Godzilla” is a winner!


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