“Snowpiercer” from Bong Joon-ho…horror with smarts.

In 2007, a nifty, unusual, South Korean horror film was unleashed on North American shores. Known as “The Host” in the United States(and apparently as “Goemul” in its native country), it arrived sporting the impressive reputation of being the highest grossing South Korean film of all time. Part satire, part political allegory, but also an unmistakable, full-fledged “monster movie”, it won a number of 2006 & 2007 film awards(it was released summer 2006 in its homeland)and placed highly on a quite a few 2007 year-end top ten lists in America. The boundary breaking director of “The Host” is named Bong Joon-ho. And this guy really knows his stuff.

Fast forward to summer 2014, and we find the director making his exciting, English-language debut with the sci-fi action film, “Snowpiercer”. And how else to splash down in the U. S.(after a high-grossing, summer 2013 release in South Korea), but with Captain America himself—Chris Evans—as your star. And talk about unconventional, “Snowpiercer” sport a main plotline involving a class system that develops aboard a high-speed, globe-circling train. Oh, and the train just happens to contain the surviving members of the human race, after a failed “global-warming experiment” decimates the planet’s population. My mouth was already watering—and then I saw the above trailer. Wow.

And Chris Evans isn’t the only English-speaking performer present. “Snowpiercer” also boasts work from Ed Harris, Jamie Bell and Alison Pill—as well as two Oscar-winning Best Supporting Actresses in Octavia Spencer and Tilda Swinton. So, this cast has some definite street cred. The film looks exciting, original, and yeah, jussttt a bit outlandish. But therein lies the charm! Isn’t it nice to have the option of an atypical action blockbuster for a change. I think so, but if it doesn’t have much box office impact on American audiences, at the very least it has the makings of a DVD cult favorite. But I’m likely to board the “Snowpiercer” after it pulls into the station come June the 27th…how about you?


4 comments on ““Snowpiercer” from Bong Joon-ho…horror with smarts.

  1. Get on board Mark, sure you will love this one.

  2. The trailer seemed a little too outlandish to me, with a few too many cliched lines. But I guess I can’t fault a movie with this plot for being outlandish. It’s a great concept.

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