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Jolie barrels “Maleficent” past a half billion!

You go, girl! And talk about box office power! Robert Stromberg’s “Maleficent” from Disney, has become Angelina Jolie’s biggest live-action hit ever(excluding the worldwide take of the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise, on which she does voice work). And you have to believe that a big part of its success is due to those creepy teaser trailers featuring Ms. Jolie as the title character(see above). Now that’s carrying a movie! Given mixed notices from various critics, “Maleficent” has managed to catch on with the filmgoing public in a BIG way. And it’s still going strong a month after opening. The film’s 527 million global haul(so far)has trounced Angelina’s former #1(2005’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”)by 50 million bucks. And the cash keeps rolling in. If anything, it proves that Ms. Jolie remains a huge audience draw, after a string of tepidly received Oscar-bait releases. Hats off to Angelina on her major summer accomplishment!


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