“Snowpiercer” is on VOD!

Last month I did a feature on “Snowpiercer”, the English-language film debut of South Korean filmmaker, Bong Joon-ho. I’ll let you find that story(in my June archives)to get detailed information on this exciting release from the director of 2007’s “The Host”. But imagine my excitement to learn that “Snowpiercer” has just joined the ever-increasing roster of films that are available for home viewing—the same time that they are available in theaters! That’s right, just two weeks after bowing on select screens in the U.S., this unconventional action epic(with a social and political conscience, of course)can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. And for a lower price then you’d pay to see it in most movie houses! I have been a consistent champion of the studios using this option for films that will only see specialty releases as opposed to a big blockbuster rollout. So, here you have it! No need to drive to the nearest big city to catch this unusual treat—just press a button and sit back on your own sofa. “Snowpiercer” stars Chris “Captain America” Evans, Ed Harris, and Oscar-winners Octavia Spencer and Tilda Swinton. Don’t miss this train while it’s on VOD!


2 comments on ““Snowpiercer” is on VOD!

  1. Hi Mark,
    Can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog but find myself more often than not in agreement with the penned thoughts. This post is no different. I’m a big advocate of VoD and not just for Americans living outside of the major cities who happen to have a taste for film.
    I live in Australia which is twice disadvantaged when it comes to release schedules. Firstly, we are a market of a paltry (from a studio exec’s point of view) 25 million and secondly, we are at the end of a very, very long flight for any native English speaker (New Zealanders barely count :)) so until VoD and other less legal (ahem) alternatives came along we could wait almost a full year before mid-list films made it to our shores.
    Now the only real choke point is commercial distribution. If a film ends up on DVD let alone VoD we have access to it just like our American brethren.

    • Noam, However you stumbled across my blog, I’m pleased that you did, and thank you so much for the insightful and complimentary comment. I’ve been a champion on this blog for VOD for quite some time now. More than once, I’ve taken critics(like Anthony Lane from the New Yorker)to task for denouncing the practice of VOD. I’m happy that you’ve included your experiences regarding difficulty in getting to see high quality films in Australia. Imagine people’s surprise when I inform them that I have the same problem—living 20 miles outside of midtown Manhattan! It’s astonishing how many high quality works are unable to secure distribution outside of the major cities. VOD is the future for us cinema hungry “masses”. Glad that you’ve shared your views…and keep on reading! ML

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