Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” sets North American debut!

Is it even remotely possible, that I’ll be more excited for any other 2014 feature release? Having sung the praises of the masterful David Cronenberg on this blog, almost right back to its inception, I continue to salivate at any new announcement regarding release information concerning his 19th official feature. I’ve covered Mr. Cronenberg here extensively, including(but not limited to)my 18-part Cronenberg Chronicle. And with “Maps to the Stars” now finally reaching North American shores next month, I greatly anticipate being able to experience David’s latest sometime this fall. A general release date hasn’t been officially announced, but if Robert Pattinson’s name was able to get “Cosmopolis” into the multiplexes(albeit very briefly)during the late summer of 2012…he should be able to accomplish the same here. One can hope, anyway.

“Maps to the Stars” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, and the thrilling news from that event was Julianne Moore winning Best Actress for the feature. Cronenberg’s first U.S. shot film plays next month at the Toronto International Film Festival, and then will finally hit Big Apple screens at the New York Film Festival beginning September 27th. “Maps to the Stars” has a screenplay by Bruce Wagner and will showcase the talents of Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Mr. Pattinson, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon…and Carrie Fisher as herself! All of Cronenberg’s celebrated ‘S’ team is on board as well, with music by Howard Shore, cinematography via Peter Suschitzky, editing by Ronald Sanders, and production designer Carol Spier. The above trailer is extremely promising. And as my most loyal readers will confirm…I can barely stand the wait!


2 comments on “Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” sets North American debut!

  1. Wow, looks like a great movie and what a cast.

  2. Vinnie, I am so in tune with Cronenberg’s style, that I get a bit bummed sitting in the theaters when the end credits roll. It’s depressing to think that I may have to wait 3 or 4 years to see his next! Hoping this meets my perpetually high expectations…he almost never lets me down! ML

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