The “Fury” of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt will turn 51-years-old in late 2014, so it’s probably time for folks to stop thinking of him as a “pretty boy”. He’s so much more than that, and to deny him is kind of silly at this point. Earlier this year, Mr. Pitt won his first Oscar…as one of the producers of Best Picture winner, “12 Years a Slave”. You didn’t stay awake long enough to see that part of the February telecast? Well, it is a late night. But, indeed he did, however(for me at least)it’s hardly enough. Brad is going to win an Academy Award for his acting one of these days(he’s been nominated thrice)…and maybe his performance as Wardaddy in David Ayer’s upcoming “Fury” is just what the doctor ordered. The trailer above? I believe you’ll agree that it’s pretty darn awesome.

I mean, he’s done everything by this point, hasn’t he? Big box office? There’s the “Ocean” series, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, “Interview with the Vampire” and last year’s “World War Z”. Intellectually satisfying art house stuff? How about “A River Runs Through It”, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” and “The Tree of Life”. Stirring sports drama: “Moneyball”. Ultra-hip Tarantino feature: “Inglorious Basterds”. Shameless Oscar-bait: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. A thriller with the bleakest ending ever: “Seven”. Sci-fi head tripper: “12 Monkeys”. Kick-ass trend setter: “Fight Club”. Plus he’s been married to both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. I mean, should you admire this dude, or despise him?

Well, include me in the camp that thinks he’s pretty incredible. After a period in the 90’s that consisted of a smattering of tepid heart-throb roles, he kept pushing himself, taking major risks, and ultimately becoming a consistently fine actor. He can “open” a picture(“Fury” should prove that once again), or “save” one(would “World War Z” have survived without him?)…plus he and the missus are among the greatest humanitarians you could ever hope to find. You got me…I freaking love this guy! And I’m chomping at the bit for the arrival of “Fury”. It barrels into the multiplexes on October 17th, and also features Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Michael Pena. Director Ayer also wrote the “Fury” screenplay, and he’s previously penned 2001’s “Training Day”, which won the Best Actor Oscar for Denzel Washington. Maybe some of that pedigree will work wonders for Mr. Pitt too!


4 comments on “The “Fury” of Brad Pitt

  1. My fingers are very much crossed Fury turns out they way I have hoped for so long. Ayer is a very hit and miss director but Pitt is such an anchoring presence.

  2. Hollywood producing yet more ‘GQ does World War II’?

    Hollywood ‘stepping past’ the awesomely relevant,
    now 21st century DEFINING
    —————————–60th Anniversary
    ———————————————of teh KOREAN WAR?

    And so BRANGELINA remains at teh very tip of the spear
    of CFR war whores.

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