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I want my “Maps to the Stars”!!!

There’s all kinds of teasing going on, but it looks like seeing David Cronenberg’s 19th feature “Maps to the Stars”, stateside, won’t become a reality until early 2015. And as a devoted Cronenberg fanatic, I’ve gotta be juvenilely expressive in proclaiming…that just sucks! I mean, what’s the damn holdup? By late 2013, Cronenberg’s first U.S. shot film was completed, and priming for a 2014 debut at the Cannes film Festival. Then this past May, as Cannes wrapped up, Julianne Moore won the festival’s Best Actress Award for her work in Cronenberg’s latest. So, that would just about guarantee a big North American rollout, right? Plus, Robert Pattinson also stars, so maybe some of the “Twilight” crowd would show up and boost ticket sales, too(although that thought process is flawed, as evidenced by the dismal box office performance of 2012’s “Cosmopolis” from Cronenberg…also starring Pattinson). “Maps to the Stars” also showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival last week, and arrives at the New York Film Festival in less than a fortnight. There’s a European trailer announcing a September 26th release, plus a brand new Canadian(David’s home turf)one, that promises theaters “everywhere” on Halloween. But, apparently, many of us will have to wait. And I’m hopping mad!

Apparently, Focus World has picked up U.S. distribution rights for “Maps to the Stars”, and that they aren’t planning on a limited release until early next year. Focus World is an alternative branch of Focus Features, and there are rumours that the film may get a pre-release on VOD, and/or a brief 2014 Oscar qualifying release, prior to its official run. That latter part is fantastic news for Ms. Moore(although, sight unseen of course, I would put her chances of Oscar recognition for a David Cronenberg film, from the conservative, mainstream Academy, somewhere between slim…and none), but rotten for us fans, who may not be able to get close to a big city it may be playing in. So, the waiting game continues. Now, I live less than 20 miles from midtown Manhattan. And, I’m going to attempt to procure a ticket to one of the NYFF’s showings of “Maps to the Stars”, if scheduling and ticket availability allow. But damn the continued decline of interest in artistic, cerebral film experiences that grew exponentially with the rise of the multiplexes. Some of those shopping mall screens even have ushers that deliver food to your seats! I don’t go to the movies to eat…I’m there to see the film! Hell, I don’t even buy popcorn. Believe it or not, I’m simply there to watch the movie! And, I want my “Maps to the Stars”!


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