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Burton’s “Big Eyes”!

Tim Burton is BACK come Christmas time, and that’s a reason to get very enthusiastic! A longtime fan, I originally didn’t expect Mr. Burton’s latest project to arrive until 2015(that’s what I was hearing, anyway). But lo and behold, the official trailer has arrived(see above), and “Big Eyes” will indeed land at the multiplexes by late December! Count me in!

Listen, Tim doesn’t always hit his mark. 2010’s “Alice in Wonderland”, 2001’s “Planet of the Apes” and 1996’s “Mars Attacks!”, all fell short for me. But Burton nails it more often than not, as evidenced by critical hits like 1988’s “Beetlejuice”, 1994’s “Ed Wood” and 2007’s “Sweeney Todd”. Plus, he had a darn good 2012, as far as I’m concerned, with the underrated “Dark Shadows”, and the mostly well-received “Frankenweenie” feature update. “Big Eyes”? I have BIG hopes!

A biographical drama, focusing on the true-life story of artist Margaret Keane(played by Amy Adams here), and her thunder-stealing husband, Walter Keane(two-time Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner, Christoph Waltz), this film seems to be somewhat atypical for Burton. But being it’s from the same team that gave us “Ed Wood”(Burton directing, and a screenplay from Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski), the bar should immediately be set very high. Many consider “Ed Wood” to be Burton’s finest, and it’s a good choice…although I might vote for “Sweeney Todd” instead.

Will “Big Eyes” finally bring Amy Adams her Oscar?  Just recently turned 40-years-old, and a 5-time nominee since 2005, Ms. Adams is probably considered way overdue by this point. Will a sixth time be the charm? Will Burton help to finally bring Amy the gold? By the yuletide season, we should all have a much better inkling. Expecting BIG things from Burton…and “Big Eyes”!


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