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Worst of the Franchise: 1997’s “Batman & Robin”

Franchises. They’ve become an increasingly unavoidable reality for movie-goers. How many sequels this year alone, are just another cog in a seemingly endless machine? Spider-Man, The Hunger Games, X-Men, Transformers, Captain America…how can anyone possibly keep up? More importantly, should you be attending all of the films released in a particular series? Many of these continuing sagas are […]

I want my “Maps to the Stars”!!!

There’s all kinds of teasing going on, but it looks like seeing David Cronenberg’s 19th feature “Maps to the Stars”, stateside, won’t become a reality until early 2015. And as a devoted Cronenberg fanatic, I’ve gotta be juvenilely expressive in proclaiming…that just sucks! I mean, what’s the damn holdup? By late 2013, Cronenberg’s first U.S. […]

Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt is an exceptional filmmaker, who chooses to eschew traditional methods of pacing and denouement. I dig that…but mainstream audiences usually don’t. Movies with finales that simply “stop on a dime”? It’s a very European cinematic conceit, and it takes some getting used to…for the uninitiated. That being said, “Night Moves”(not to be confused […]

Flashback: on 2002’s Carrie

Carrie, the first published novel of Stephen King, turned 40 this year. I’ve only recently actually read it, so, like most my age, the iconic version of “Carrie” will always be the 1976 Brian De Palma film starring Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie(both were nominated for Oscars for their performances). And, outside of being a bestselling novel […]

“Follies” cast album…reviewed!

This one is a bit unusual, and a little bit retro, but something I’ve been meaning to publish. I saw “Follies” on Broadway around November 2011, a number of weeks before I started this blog, and I reviewed the musical on this site while the show was still running. It was my first experience with […]

The “Fury” of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt will turn 51-years-old in late 2014, so it’s probably time for folks to stop thinking of him as a “pretty boy”. He’s so much more than that, and to deny him is kind of silly at this point. Earlier this year, Mr. Pitt won his first Oscar…as one of the producers of Best […]

Only Lovers Left Alive

That Tilda Swinton is an odd creature, isn’t she? A bizarre-looking, androgynous-appearing being, she nevertheless manages to pull off an alluring, unusual sexiness and sensuality in certain roles. She’s also a marvelous actress(a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 2007’s “Michael Clayton”), and an excellent choice to embody the “wife” vampire in Jim Jarmusch’s latest creation, […]