“Twin Peaks” returns in 2016!!!

My birthday present has arrived about two weeks early! In an eArTh-ShAkInG development(at least, for us cult-like fans it was), a new “Twin Peaks” limited series will be financed and broadcast by Showtime. I nearly jumped out of my shoes. It is, so far, expected to be a nine-episode run, with the possibility of a continuation beyond that. The masterful David Lynch, absent from the big screen for nearly a decade(2006’s “Inland Empire” stands as his most recent feature film)is set to direct and pen ALL of the series. And Mark Frost, his original “Twin Peaks” partner for the 1990-91 30-episode run, is on board to co-write and produce. When it finally airs, it will be a continuation set during present day. The final episode of the original “Twin Peaks” saga aired in June of 1991, and the new series will pick up 25 years later.

So many questions, so many hopes! And already it appears that original series star, Kyle Machlaclan, will return as Special Agent Dale Cooper. It’s difficult to imagine this being green-lit without him. But who else will we see? Will Michael Ontkean shine up his badge as Sheriff Harry S. Truman? Certainly room will be found for the still ravishing Madchen Amick as Shelley Johnson. But how about Lara Flynn Boyle reprising her Donna Hayward character? Or the iconic Audrey Horne as embodied by Sherilyn Fenn? It seems a given that Laura Palmer will be fitted it in some way…has Sheryl Lee been approached? Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs? James Marshall as brooding James Hurley? Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings? Please tell me that Catherine E. Coulson will still be carrying her logs! The possibilities. And one wonders if characters from the 1992 film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” will be incorporated too.

A tip of the hat to the cherished lost cast members. Jack Nance met his unfortunate end, violently, in 1996. So fare thee well, Pete Martell. And Don S. Davis passed away in 2008, so that cancels out a return of Major Garland Briggs. Also, quite a few former cast members will be well into their 80’s(and even 90’s!) by 2016, so it will be interesting to see if they are asked to return in some capacity. This list includes Warren Frost, Piper Laurie, and Russ Tamblyn. A lot of speculation, a load of excitement, and a sea of anticipation, will fill the gap between now and 2016. Plus, will it all work? It is definitely worth the attempt. With just three films left to cover in my monthly Lynch Ledger, I wondered what the future held for David L. Now I know! Thank you Showtime! “Twin Peaks” is returning in 2016. David Lynch is Back!




7 comments on ““Twin Peaks” returns in 2016!!!

  1. I think I’m almost as excited as you Mark, and your article has me even more excited now! You have a great memory for all the characters and actors. I have a couple of items of memorabilia I bought at the time, maybe they will go up in value now..

  2. It’s such fantastic news, Simon! Excellent to hear that you are a fellow fan! I did have a little internet help along with my memory. Not certain I could’ve remembered the character name of Major Garland Briggs without some assistance. Thanks for commenting! ML

  3. I almost jumped out of my shoes when I heard the news! So excited! And @MarkLeonard65: great work you’ve been doing on this blog. I don’t say so often enough, but it’s gotten to the point I don’t even consider seeing a movie in the theatres without checking with you first. 😉

    • Yes, Mike, extremely exciting news! And thank you SO much for your kudos and support…I greatly appreciate it. I’ve been reading your stuff lately too, and I’m very impressed…and waiting to learn more! Hey, if you haven’t seen my earlier published announcement, my blog has been picked up by a national radio program. I started broadcasting reviews last month. I’ll send you an e-mail with details. Talk to you soon! ML

      • Seen it, liked it, tweeted it, FB’d it, LOVE it! Congrats on the new outlet for your blog. It’s about time the nation had access to that list of Oscar contenders you post on your refrigerator! 😉 And thanks very much for the good words about my new blog. Lots of work, but lots of fun too!

  4. You are too kind, good sir. I’ve reviewed “Boyhood” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, so far. My “The Boxtrolls” piece has been recorded, and will air on October the 19th. ML

  5. […] and critical review of cinema in the 21st century. His excitement for the alleged forthcoming “Twin Peaks” revival is unabashed, his love-affair with the work of David Ledger is unashamed, and his repeated […]

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