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Casting By

It’s an unabashed documentary love letter to the art of film casting, so there are some pitfalls regarding that. For instance, poor Taylor Hackford (director of films like 1982’s “An Officer and a Gentleman” and 2004’s “Ray”) is set up as the “bad guy” by being a vociferous naysayer in regards to casting professionals being […]

“Dumb and Dumber To”…why not?

Now, I’m not saying that I’ll attend it in theaters…I won’t. And I’m not espousing that it’s actually any good…it may not be. For instance, the nation’s critics have had a field day bashing it. But I’m a little suspect…why the vitriol? As far as I’m concerned, the directing Farrelly brothers have a pretty decent […]

Interstellar IMAX

Ambition scores major points with me, and Christopher Nolan has that in spades. For instance, it was never enough for him to simply direct superhero movies, with his 2005-2012 “Dark Knight” trilogy–he had to reinvent the whole genre. Also, making a splash on the indie circuit, with the psychological thriller “Memento”, probably would’ve been a given with […]


It pains me to knock Jon Favreau’s “Chef” even a little, because I was pleasantly surprised by a good half of it. It was trim, lean, and tonally strong for almost an hour. But then it decided to get middle-brow schmaltzy, essentially pulling the rug out from under the feet of its audience. The film […]

“Interstellar” falls to “Big Hero 6”!

Logic tells you that it should have been predictable, but it still came as a bit of a shock. Christopher Nolan and “Interstellar” were not #1 at the domestic box office this weekend–the first time that’s happened since “Insomnia” in 2002. Now, being that 3 of the 5 films Mr. Nolan released in those twelve years […]

“Interstellar” arrives!

It feels like an event. Can I proclaim it’s even a bit daunting? I’m honestly even a little bit afraid of it. “Interstellar” appears so BIG, with so much riding on it, that I’m somewhat reticent to attend. In fact, ever since 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, director Christopher Nolan features have felt like more than […]

Dear White People

It’s really a thrill to see a film this sharp, concerning the subject of race, get a decent amount of distribution. On the other hand, it’s sobering (but expected) that barely anyone is bothering to see it. And the racial polarization in the U.S. will only continue, if people continue to turn a blind eye. […]