2015 preview

It’s going to be a busy January. On the heels of trying to squeeze in my final Lynch Ledger entry (“Inland Empire” on the way!), a Flashback review, and a theatre 2014 wrap up–I’ve also seen a slew of new film releases, with many more to be experienced before year’s end–and beyond. So, what reviews are you slated to see in the first month of 2015? Here’s an incomplete list: “American Sniper”, “Still Alice”, “Nightcrawler”, “The Theory of Everything”, “Maleficent”, “Inherent Vice”, “The Wind Rises”, “Ida”, “Birdman”, “The Imitation Game”, “Unbroken”, “Into the Woods”, and “The Hobbit: It’s Finally Over”. That’s an awful lot of awards contenders! I may even attempt to squeeze one in this month, plus I’m hoping I can do a few more before my annual February 1st Top Ten list. Busy, busy, busy! In the meantime, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all. Oscar is upon us in less than two months!


2 comments on “2015 preview

  1. We are debating a round trip 1.5 hr drive to Ithaca to see Birdman.
    What do you think….worth the trip?

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