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“It Follows” on Friday the 13th

Hot on the heels of last fall’s “The Babadook” (dubbed by horror legend William Friedkin “the most terrifying film he had ever seen”), is the latest scare film being lauded for its horrifying ability to haunt and disturb audiences–David Robert Mitchell’s “It Follows”. With a style that’s being compared to the early work of fright maestro John Carpenter, “It Follows” wowed them at both the Cannes Film Festivals and Fantastic Fest last year. And talk about titillating…the movie is apparently a story of teenagers being pursued by a supernatural entity–only after engaging in sexual relations. Oh “Halloween 1978”, Mr. Mitchell has heard your call! And, wonderful for us lovers of the macabre, “It Follows” appears to be joining that increasingly popular trend of being available on VOD, at the same time it’s appearing in limited release in theaters. Yay! That’s how I experienced “The Babadook”, and it seems I’ll be able to enjoy this terror trip the same exact way. And what better time to release it, than on Friday, March the 13th! “It Follows” stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist and Jake Weary. The screenplay was penned by David Robert Mitchell as well, and the buzz is that “It Follows” is an exhaustively frightening 100 minutes. See it–if you dare.


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