“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”…consider me stoked!

Lot of upcoming movie trailers making noise lately. Oh, there’s the “Star Wars” nostalgia, the “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” pip, with Tom Cruise hanging onto the outside of a taking off plane–even a “Fantastic Four” reboot sampling. But am I ridiculously crazy for getting the most excited about the just-leaked trailer for March 2016’s slated “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”? After all, I had a good deal of complaints about Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” hit, in 2013…shouldn’t I be a bit reticent in giving him another chance? Henry Cavill made a pretty good Superman, but Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight? Can Ben slip into Christian Bale’s cape without becoming the worst thing since George “Caped Crusader” Clooney?

Y’know…I warmed a little bit to “Man of Steel” after repeat cable viewings. I even eventually bought the DVD, after first experiencing it in theaters two years back. It is pretty good…now that I managed to divorce myself from the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve passion of my youth. Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan had to take Supes in a different direction–and what they pulled off was admirable. And, based on this trailer, the dark, haunting path of “Man of Steel” continues with “BvS:DoJ”. It even touches on the danger of looking to Kal-El as some form of divinity. Cool.

Look, I believe that 2006’s “Superman Returns”, with Brandon Routh in the title role, was very underrated, and I wish Bryan Singer was given a chance to spread his wings a bit more. But I’m ready to allow Zack Snyder the benefit of the doubt here. The origin story is done with–let’s pull out all the stops! As for Affleck as the Bat Man? Let him have a shot. Besides, it could’ve been worse–they might’ve saddled Ben with directing duties too!


2 comments on ““Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”…consider me stoked!

  1. I’m intrigued by this, although I still feel a little locked out of the DC cinematic universe, in terms of my clarity over why these two badasses would want to fight each other. Am I missing something!?

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