“Tomorrowland” from Brad Bird

If track record proves anything…we may be in for a real treat come Memorial Day weekend. “Tomorrowland” from Disney, starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson, is rumoured to be somewhat based on the futuristic-themed section found at the various Disney parks. But that’s not the information that should be getting you excited…the identity of the man behind the camera is where the intrigue lies. Brad Bird helmed not one, but TWO of the very best animated features of last decade. Both 2004’s “The Incredibles”, and “Ratatouille” from 2007, nabbed the Best Animated Feature Oscar, for their respective years. Each film also held a very high ranking amongst my year-end Top Ten, soon after their original release. As if that’s not enough, Bird’s animated “The Iron Giant”, was one of the highest praised films of 1999 (but released before the Animated Feature Oscar was officially a category). Want more? Bird moved to live action directing in 2011, with what is generally regarded as the best of the high grossing “Mission: Impossible” franchise, with the 695 million tallying, “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”. It remains the highest garnering worldwide hit of Tom Cruise’s career. That’s some pedigree, and if the above trailer is an indication, expect “Tomorrowland” to continue Mr. Bird’s impressive streak. “Tomorrowland” land in the multiplexes on Friday, May 22nd. I’m on board!


6 comments on ““Tomorrowland” from Brad Bird

  1. Oh wow this looks absolutely amazing! And I hadn’t even heard of it. Can’t wait now. Hope it comes out in Australia close to the same date!

  2. Believe it or not, “Ratatouille” was the last film I actually saw in a theater. And before that, “Tampopo”, at the Film Forum. Before that, “Babette’s Feast”. I think I’m noticing a pattern here. Hollywood needs to make more food flicks if they want my hard earned food stamps.

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