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“Poltergeist” rebooted.

“Poltergeist”, in its original form, hit cinemas in the late spring of 1982, when I was 16 years old. It was officially directed by Tobe “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Hooper, but even back then it was heavily rumoured to be guided by the hand of official “producer”, Steven Spielberg. It was SS’s story, and partially his screenplay, but with his “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial poised to break box office records just a week later, it was probably thought wise to not saturate the market with Spielberg releases. Whatever…”Poltergeist” was a huge hit, garnered three Academy Award nominations, and spawned two sequels and a bevy of imitators. Now, in 2015, 33 years on…it’s reboot time.

And the trailers are pretty promising. So is the cast, led by the talented twosome of Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie Dewitt as parents Eric and Amy Bowen, who buy a new home in an idyllic, suburban neighborhood. But soon strange things start to happen. And the impression given in some glimpses at the promotional material–is that they got the scares parts right. We’ll see. At least the director, Gil Kenan, has a little bit of a “horror” pedigree, having helmed the Best Animated Feature Oscar-nominated, “Monster House” in 2006. Can Kenan’s work measure up to that of Hooper and Spielberg? Will “Poltergeist” do big business debuting on the same weekend as Brad Bird’s heavily hyped “Tomorrowland”? Time will tell.


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