Dumb and Dumber To

Honestly, a huge bummer for me, because I really wanted to enjoy this. But it’s as old and tired as I feared it could be, despite a smattering of inspired gags. However, the timing’s just not there–this worked a lot better when these guys were thirtysomething (the co-stars and the directors). I mean, Jeff Daniels hit 60 before this was released for home viewing. The 52-year-old Jim Carrey seems almost spry and youthful by comparison. “Dumb and Dumber To” was still a decent-sized hit, but it simply can’t measure up to the 1994 original either critically or financially. This is a nostalgia trip, plain and simple–so only enter if you dare! Bobby and Peter Farrelly had much more success with 2012’s “The Three Stooges”.    

It’s been two decades since our lovable morons returned, from their last cross-country trip to Aspen, to return a suitcase to a beautiful woman who lost it at the airport. This sequel involves an odyssey to deliver a parcel too, and it gets underway after a funny prologue showing Lloyd Christmas (a game Mr. Carrey) emerging from a “catatonic” state at a psychiatric facility, after spending 20 years pining for the Mary Samsonite character from the first film. We quickly learn though that it was all a “goof”, being played on Harry Dunne (a tired-looking Mr. Daniels)–a one score long “gag” enacted for maximum guffaws. These guys will do anything. And soon they set out on a road journey to find Harry’s just discovered “long-lost” daughter, Penny (a delightful and willing Rachel Melvin), so she can hopefully donate a kidney to her “ailing” biological father. And after glimpsing her picture–Lloyd could be in love.

About half of this movie works pretty well, but there are way too many groans induced than there should be. A bit with a randy old lady in a nursing home approaches the sick humor of the 1994 debut, and the return of “little” blind Billy (a now 31-year-old Brady Bluhm) has a funnier payoff than it deserves. Kathleen Turner has a blast as “town whore” Fraida Felcher, who riffs on her faded beauty as she attempts to steer the boys in the right direction towards Penny. There’s also able support from Laurie Holden as a toe-sucking femme fatale, and Rob Riggle in a dual role as the film’s secondary villain. But it’s only mildly amusing, while the first was often downright hilarious. Too much fell flat–and it’s a damn shame. Steve Tom has a sizable role as Dr. Pinchelow, and look fast for a Bill Murray cameo as “Ice Pick”.

Grade:  C


2 comments on “Dumb and Dumber To

  1. I totally agree with you. This movie is just plain dumb, which, going by the title, might be taken as a compliment. But i dont mean it in that sense. The comedy is forced and they’ve clearly aged way too much. The movie wasnt needed :/

  2. Glad we see eye-to-eye. I do appreciate the attempt to pull this off…somewhat sobering that they so often missed their mark. ML

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