Tony Awards 2015 recap

But I’m really not qualified to do it this year…so, I’m going to cheat. This blog started off covering film and theatre, and while I hope to get back to the boards soon–this has been chiefly a movie site for most of the last year. In other words…I’m far from being even close to up-to-date on all things Broadway. Increased film duties, including (but not restricted to) my role as the film and arts contributor, for the national radio program “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi”, has pushed my New York theatre attendance to the back burner. I’m confident that will soon change, but in the mean time–I require a little assistance. So, allow me to leave you in the more than able hands of Simon Parris, at http://simonparrismaninchair.com.

Curious about “Fun Home”, “An American in Paris”, “The King and I”, and many of the other big Tony winners (and runners-up) from Sunday night’s broadcast? Then the tireless Simon Parris has the insightful reviews for you. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Parris attends musical theatre, ballet and opera, all over the world. I’ve even seen him sneak in the occasional straight play. Honestly, his attendance record puts the vast majority of us to shame. In fact, in his annual fortnight trip to New York City this past spring, Simon took in over 20 performances in less than 14 days! Now that’s a rare combination of love, dedication and expertise. He even made it to my home state of New Jersey this time, for a production at the renowned Paper Mil Playhouse! How does he do it all?

So, planning on buying some tickets, after catching all the wonderful performances during the big Tony Awards show? Please, use Simon Parris as a guide. He really knows his stuff, and I’m sending you to a pair of very capable hands. I’ve been happy to have a fruitful correspondence with Mr. Parris over the last few years. Reading his work has made me a more intuitive theatre critic, and he’s even managed to teach me a few things I otherwise might not know. Remember, that’s http://simonparrismaninchair.com. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!


2 comments on “Tony Awards 2015 recap

  1. Such kind and generous words from you Mark, greatly appreciated. I am really very flattered.

    You are definitely my film reviewer of choice now, no more newspapers or magazines for me. I have discovered so many gems, and learnt so much about others, from your site.

    I watched the Tony Awards live here in Melbourne on Monday morning, which was, very conveniently, a public holiday. I was thrilled to see Kelli O’Hara win, but would have preferred An American in Paris over Fun Home.

    I am jealous that you have Broadway just a train ride away, and I hope you have the chance to see a show this year (perhaps Hamilton).

    Meanwhile, I have already purchased my airfare for next March/April, so the cycle begins again…

    • You so deserve the praise, Simon–and thank you so much for placing such faith in me! I’m certain I’ll get to the theatre a few times before 2015 comes to a close–I plan on a quartet of shows for summer and fall. “Hamilton” is leading the way as a matter of fact! Planning on a fall trip to that with a good friend of mine. I’m also tempted to try and catch “Fun Home”, even though I’m aware it was far from being your favorite. And, I’m pleased to hear that 2016 has already been booked! I count on that good news! ML

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