“Jurassic” billion.

At some point today, maybe it’s already happened, “Jurassic World” topped a billion dollars worldwide, in roughly a week and a half. That’s astonishing. Seeing it myself this afternoon, so you can expect a print review of its full IMAX 3D glory, by later this week. Plus, I’ll be cutting an audio review for national radio, for the July 5th broadcast of “America Weekend with Ed Kalegi”. What else is there to say? The blggest blockbuster of summer 2015. Take that, “Avengers”!


2 comments on ““Jurassic” billion.

  1. Jurassic World is getting my money today as well. Maybe our combined contributions will push it over the billion. Looking forward to your review Mark.

  2. Maybe, Simon! It was a lot of fun…hope you enjoyed it! Review soon. ML

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