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Will T-rex Terminate “Genisys”?

Does “Terminator Genysis” possess the mighty cyborg arm, that can finally unseat three-weekend champion, “Jurassic World”? Many signs point to yes, but as opening day approaches for Arnold’s Independence Day holiday comeback–I find myself not so sure. For one thing, the early reviews are seeping in for the 5th film in the “Terminator” franchise–and they are mostly tepid. The previous installment, 2009’s “Terminator Salvation” made decent money, but it still massively underperformed–especially at the domestic box office. Its reviews were lukewarm at best. Will the full return of 67-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger to the muscle-bound series insure its success? His other comeback vehicles haven’t exactly burned up the box office, since his California governorship ended in early 2011. But this is Ah-nuld’s most iconic character, so the studio is certainly banking on a BIG win. But dinosaurs may not be the only obstacle.

Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” has come in a respectable 2nd place, on each of the past two weekends in North America. In fact, with an estimated 52 million the past three days, the animated smash fell just short of usurping “Jurassic World” over the weekend, by only a couple of million (it has grossed 185 million in North American in roughly 10 days). Plus, the reviews for “Inside out” have been excellent overall. So, there’s one possible title-winning challenger. And how many of the ladies will flock to “Magic Mike XXL”? Will the sequel to 2012’s Channing Tatum starrer, cut into the “Terminator” take even more? It promises to be a 5-day weekend battle royale, with both “Genysis” and “MM XXL” officially bowing on July 1st. Lots of surprises so far this summer movie season, but it’ll take a real contender to slay the mighty T-rex. Can “Terminator Genisys” do it? The wait for an answer is nearly here.


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