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Baumbach & Gerwig & “Mistress America”

We are getting a rare treat this year, in the form of a double-dip from the talented Noah Baumbach, within the space of 5 months! Fresh on the heels of the March release of Baumbach’s “While We’re Young” (a film reviewed right here on the blog), comes “Mistress America”, Noah’s latest collaboration with girlfriend/muse, Greta Gerwig. Now, I’ve certainly heaped a fair share of praise on Ms. Gerwig here in the past. Her infectious turn in Mr. Baumbach’s 2013’s “Frances Ha” was an uncommon delight, plus she contributed to the screenplay on that critics’ darling as well. Greta picks up the pen for a co-writing credit on “Mistress America” too–and she’s also one of the various producers of the film. Allow me to reiterate what a shining star, Greta Gerwig promises to be. I’ve labeled her a new ‘It’-girl (take it as you will, Clara Bow fans), as she possesses an almost ungraspable, yet infectious charisma. Her off-beat line readings, and awkward loveliness, combining to create an unlikely, yet delightfully welcome, movie star. And after a string of wonders dating back to, at least, 2005 (including “The Squid and the Whale”, “Margot at the Wedding”, “Greenberg”, and the aforementioned “Frances Ha” & “While We’re Young), Noah Baumbach has yet to disappoint me in over a decade now. I’m counting on “Mistress America” to continue the streak, and for Ms. Gerwig to display her effervescent charm, once again. “Mistress America” begins a limited run on Friday, August 14th, and it also stars Lola Kirke and Heather Lind in significant roles.


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