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Labor Day Doldrums…”The Transporter Refueled”?

I’ve never quite understood why Labor Day Weekend is such a traditional studio “dumping ground” for summer movies. Now, it used to be all of August that held that reputation. But recent smashes like last year’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and this summer’s “Straight Outta Compton” have worked hard to dispel that “dud” designation. Usually though, the unofficial last weekend of beach season, is still a virtual wasteland. The biggest hit ever for this annual holiday period? Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake opened on August 31st, 2007, and pulled down over 30 million bucks. That’s a pretty weekend good take…and it’s not a bad movie either. Besides that, nothing of note ever garnered north of 20 big ones during its opening days.

And this year’s “big” offering? “The Transporter Refueled”. It’s a mostly French production, shot in English language, with the renowned Luc Besson as a producer, and the obscure Camille Delamarre as director. It’s the fourth movie in “The Transporter” franchise, and an attempt at a reboot of the series, with the more youthful Ed Skrein taking over the role of Frank Martin from the pushing 50 Jason Statham (although he’s only a few months senior to our current James Bond). My interest in attending this film in the theaters? Just about zero. I mean, I haven’t watched any of the others, so why upset a perfectly good streak? However, I would buy a ticket to a quality release if it was debuting this Friday–maybe someday I’ll get the chance!


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