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This is a pretty good family film. It’s predictable and unexceptional, but it certainly has its charms. Most of that is supplied by its talented vocal cast, with Jim Parsons leading the way, as the effervescent Oh, part of an Earth-invading alien race known as the “Boov”. Parsons has strong backup too, with Steve Martin supplying the vocals for the bumbling Boov leader called Captain Smek. And even Jennifer Lopez turns in some nice work as Lucy, the abducted mother of our heroine, nicknamed “Tip”. And pop star Rihanna is quite effective as the strong-willed teenager, Gratuity “Tip” Tucci. “Home”, overall, is an agreeable enough romp.

The alien race Boov is on the run from their planet-destroying rivals known as the Gorg. Boov are tentacled, colorful, mostly benevolent “blobs”, and they take over Earth as a way to survive, while relocating all of the planet’s human inhabitants to segregated “paradises”. When one young girl inadvertently avoids capture, and ends up befriending a grating, yet well-meaning Boov, that his fellow aliens can’t seem to tolerate, a search gets underway to find the youngster’s lost mom. But havoc ensues, as the feared Gorg approach Earth, after Oh (Mr. Parsons) accidentally alerts them to their location.

Tim Johnson does an admirable directing job with “Home”, but I’m still waiting for him to match the promise of his super 1998 debut, “Antz”. But his latest is a diverting 94 minutes, with some good sight gags, and exceptional work from Jim Parsons. “Home” is pretty much on an enjoyment par, with the billion dollar-grossing smash, “Minions”. However, neither can match up to the extraordinary artistic quality of “Inside Out”–the likely winner of the 2016 Best Animated Feature Oscar. But most kids under 13 should find plenty of entertainment value in “Home”. It’s a charming, yet frivolous, DreamWorks adventure.

Grade:  C+


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