“The Brood” Criterion coming!


Anyone that knows anything about home video releases, knows the that The Criterion Collection is the gold standard. If you are a director, and CC gives your film the special treatment, chances are you’ve created something wonderful. I own quite a few Criterions. Among them, Malick’s “Badlands”, Kurosawa’s “Rashomon”, Kenton’s “Island of Lost Souls”, and Rafelson’s “Five Easy Pieces”. But, come October 13th, I’m looking forward to adding to my ever-growing list of David Cronenberg Criterion discs, that already includes 1981’s “Scanners”, 1983’s “Videodrome”, and 1991’s “Naked Lunch”. And Criterion Collection releases come with a slew of extras, so they are always a reason to celebrate. So, eight days ahead of my upcoming milestone birthday, expect me to be one of the first in line to scoop up the Blu-ray of David Cronenberg’s “The Brood”.

Now, most of my regular readers should be aware that DC is my favorite director. They also probably have noticed, that I’ve covered all of David’s theatrical features on this blog, via my 19-part “Cronenberg Chronicle”. And I invite you to that section on the home page menu, to read my extensive breakdown of 1979’s “The Brood”. It’s often been acknowledged as Cronenberg’s first masterpiece, and it’s rock solid enough that I won’t argue against the sentiment. And with extras like a making-of documentary featuring “The Brood” villainess Samantha Eggar, a 2K digital transfer of David’s 1970 underground film, “Crimes of the Future”, and a 2013 interview with “The Brood” stars, Art Hindle and Cindy Hinds–how could you possibly go wrong. The upcoming “The Brood” Criterion Blu-ray has fans of Mr. Cronenberg positively salivating! And I’m one of them.


2 comments on ““The Brood” Criterion coming!

  1. It’s a very good film, really gave me the creeps throughout. I bet it looks amazing in Blu Ray.

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