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“Therese Raquin” will feature Keira Knightley’s Broadway debut!

Taking a chance this coming weekend, and attending a preview performance of “Therese Raquin”…aka Keira Knightley’s Broadway debut! Now, this preview show is just days away from the official October 29th opening, so odds are excellent that any remaining kinks have been worked out. Plus, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to experience Keira in person–I confess to be infatuated for a number of years. But certainly not to the level of the lunatic that screamed a proposal to Ms. Knightley, during the first run-through of this newly interpreted stage adaptation of Emile Zola’s 19th century novel. The weirdo than threw a bouquet of flowers up on the stage, before the play was briefly halted, as they took the man out in handcuffs. Welcome to New York, KK! Ms. Knightley also missed a performance a few days after that incident, reportedly due to a minor injury. A troubled start, indeed!

This limited Broadway run of “Therese Raquin”, has been adapted by Helen Edmundson, and is being directed by Evan Cabnet. Ms. Knightley plays the title role, and is joined by Matt Ryan as Laurent, David Patrick Kelly as Michaud, and Judith Light as Madame Raquin. This play is rumoured to feature some stunning set design by Beowulf Boritt, and Jane Greenwood’s costume design appears to be quite impressive, via various stills that I’ve found. Happy to be hitting another big Broadway production, so soon after my incredible experience with “Hamilton: An American Musical” this past August. At this point, I’ll bet, that at the very least, the acting will be top-notch from this group of veteran thespians. Expect my full review around the time of the official bow!


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