Falling Back into the Holiday Season

Hey Mon! It was wonderful, fun-filled week, in the resort-laden Negril, Jamaica. All play…no work. But now that I’ve had my fill of colorful tropical drinks, endless buffets, and crystal clear ocean waters dappling white sand beaches–it’s back to the grind! And now that we’ve officially lost an hour of sunlight here in the United States (Jamaica doesn’t utilize daylight savings), it means exciting upcoming things as the Holiday and Awards Season are upon us. Some older business first, as I’ll have a review of the late summer release of “Southpaw”, later this week. But soon after that, everything really heats up. Can James Bond do it again? As an unabashed 007 fan, it’s a virtual guarantee that I’ll be writing about “Spectre”, before the turkey hits the oven. And, are we ready for Stallone to trade in his boxing gloves for a spit bucket, as he takes over as trainer in the latest “Rocky” sequel, “Creed”? Tom McCarthy’s “Spotlight”, starring Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton, is garnering heaps of praise. And Todd Haynes’ “Carol”, with Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett, is one of my most anticipated releases of the season. “The Hunger Games: MockingJay – Part 2”? You’re probably better off looking elsewhere. But I am a little bit curious, as to whether Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy can stitch together some life, into Paul McGuigan’s “Victor Frankenstein”. All this, plus a new “Peanuts” movie too? My cup runneth over. And I haven’t even touched on December yet! It’s great to be back.


2 comments on “Falling Back into the Holiday Season

  1. Mark,

    Who is the guy in the picture below?   He is the same guy on all of your reviews, but it doesn’t look like you.


    • Hello Priscilla, My screen is a bit different from what you see, but if it’s a guy with pointy sideburns–that’s Jack Nicholson. It’s a screenshot of him having the iconic “chicken salad sandwich” argument in a diner, during my favorite Nicholson film–1970’s “Five Easy Pieces”. I’ve explained more than once, between my blog and my Facebook page, how that scene, and movie, influenced me greatly. ML

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