The Final Word on Oscars 2016

So, the best film of the year was awarded the most Oscars. Works for me. “Mad Max: Fury Road” grabbed six awards, and that was enough to double “The Revenant” which grabbed three. “Spotlight”, of course, sneaked in an upset for Best Picture, along with its Best Original Screenplay victory for a total of only two Academy Awards. Only one other Best Pic victor, has triumphed that little, in the last 75 years–1952’s “The Greatest Show on Earth”, which is often labeled the worst Best Picture recipient ever. Hey, but “Spotlight” is pretty darn good–it really is. I picked “The Revenant” to win, but realized “Spotlight” was its closest competitor. So, “important” beat “BIG”. This time, anyway. I preferred other films, but “Spotlight” is an honorable choice.

After that, 10 different features split the 10 remaining feature awards. “The Big Short” did what it was expected to do, and grabbed Best Adapted Screenplay. LEO!!! The easiest pick of the evening. I told you that Stallone had exactly one worthy opponent, and Mark Rylance did indeed surpass him, and swipe Best Supporting Actor for “Bridge of Spies”. Don’t cry for Stallone…his 400 million dollar bank account should provide plenty of tissues for him. Brie Larson was quite good in “Room”. But I sure loved Saoirse…she’ll win some day. Alicia Vikander is a delight, so good for her–even though her role in “The Danish Girl” is really a lead. “Ex Machina”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Spectre”, “Inside Out”, “Amy” and “Son of Saul” all managed a gold statue. A couple of upsets in there, but nothing that will be remembered next week.

I picked 7 of 9 correctly in the big awards, and I’m pretty pleased with those numbers. Both incorrect categories were anointed with who I said the 2nd best shot would be. I analyze my picks for weeks, and I managed to top big insider ‘Anne Thompson on Hollywood’ again. She went with Miller for Director. Bold…but still incorrect. However, I still wish she was right.

And Chris Rock was superb. Did he make a couple of missteps? Sure. YOU try holding that audience for almost 4 hours! It’s a tough gig. He addressed the whole OscarsSoWhite controversy, with his characteristic humor, and threw blame and punch lines everywhere. Some bits flopped–others were misunderstood. Chris was masterful under pressure.

The 2015 film season is wrapped. 2016 is underway. “Hail, Caesar!” became my first official review for the new year just last week. There will be more 2015 coverage…still a number of nominees that I’ve seen, but haven’t brought you yet. And a small handful that I haven’t experienced. So, I’ll continue my annual goal of reviewing every single feature film nominated for any type of Oscar. It’s been a long and fruitful season. Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees. That’s a wrap! Now…March forward.


3 comments on “The Final Word on Oscars 2016

  1. Australia is very proud of Mad Max: Fury Road.
    Congratulations on 7 picks out of 9 Mark. You should be writing for EW!

  2. I was excited about picking the top 4 award winners 🙂 I thought Spotlight was an excellent film in that it doesn’t sensationalise the true events. The directing, music and cinematography were understated yet gripping.
    Would appreciate if you could check out my review:

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